Top 5 Wedding Songs - that everyone is doing !!!!

Well there’s a lot of songs I hear at weddings - either coming down the aisle, classics from the band or a DJ hit - so here is my list of the Top 5 Wedding Songs…… or just songs I hear at weddings

1: Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

As a bridal dance song this gets hammered to death - and it’s usually accompanied by dance moves that I call the ‘Ed Sheeran Death Wobble’, it’s an awkward shuffle with the bride and groom touching heads, then it goes too long they start to look around the room, then they talk and giggle as the crowd fade off and bury their lips into champagne glasses and reach for the antipasto……..the song winds up at 4 minutes and 41 seconds…… but get this one wrong and it’ll feel like 400 minutes………

2: Valerie - Amy Winehouse

THE go to song for the band, if it’s not the first one out of the box, then it’ll be second. Now if its played second it is a dance floor emptier !! Where this song goes wrong is the 8 bar opening with no lyrics leading the crowd to believe there won’t be any singing and maybe it’s background music. The desperate need of an entree will send them off the dancefloor and heading to their seats… by the time they’ve worked out there is singing, it’s too late

3: A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

The conversation with the celebrant goes like this -

Bride : “I’ll be walking down to a beautiful song, it’s a bit obscure, you may not know it,

Celebrant : “Oh, A Thousand Years……. how beautiful”……….. then her inside voice, “fuck not again’

4: Every Other Ed Sheeran Song

there was a stage there when our good friend Ed would release a wedding song every 6 weeks

Perfect, gets a slamming - Kiss Me, had a great run - Lego House, a beautiful love story about the love of Lego, I think - and who can forget Tenerife Sea, if only I had a dollar for every time I copped that one !! - Thanks Ed

5: Signed Sealed Delivered - Stevie Wonder

A factual song describing the last 4 minutes of the Bride and Groom Signing the certificate - then the celebrant Sealing it into the envelope, then the Groom Delivering a fist pump as they walk down the aisle -it’s a great song, and Stevie is the king, but if you’re thinking you’re the first to think of it…… you ain’t !

My Favourite song to open the dance floor at the moment is…….

“Don’t stop me now” by Queen is a killer reception start, the B&G for the slow start then the whole crowd jumps in when the song takes off - it goes nuts !!!…….. but get in NOW, because in 3 months this may be the new number 1 on my list !! - My biggest tip is try and think outside the box and choose something that suits you….. not what everyone else does !

Thanks for the love Ed !!

Thanks for the love Ed !!

My son

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