Our Favourite Suppliers to Work with.......

Here's a selection of the best people I've found to work with, they've all been road tested hard and I know they will give you an awesome experience


Marcus Theodor - C2 Films - videographers

Marcus is the leading wedding videographer in Australia

It's so important to have a photographer and videographer that work seamlessly together and after many years working together in all kinds of weddings and in all kinds of conditions, we've not only produced some incredible results together....................we have become really great mates

He's my brother from a different mother........

As a team we are not only there to shoot - we're there to make it more fun !

and promise me, he will produce a video that will blow your mind and last forever



A Celebrant is not something you scrimp on - thats the person who marries you !!!

Choose the right one and your friends will rave about your wedding forever

I've worked with many many celebrants over the years and it's no accident that these are the ones that keep popping up

They are the best of the best - All are brilliant and will give you the right mix of fun and serious

in no particular order...............(actually, they're in head position order)

Janet Hussey,           Sharon Palmieri       SHANNON JEANS

Sally Hughes,          Andrew Redman        MEGAN WATSON          

Koren Harvey,         PAUL O'DONAHUE         Greg Evans

celebrants web2.jpg

Michael Dalla Rosa - Allure Productions - Videographer


If Nonna has prepared a spread of food at your house.......... Michael will find it (only kidding... a bit)

He's such a fun guy to have around, quick witted, cheeky and heaps of fun

but above all that.......... a great videographer

Jump onto his website and poke around - I know you'll like what you see

and I promise you'll have a great fun day !


(He's gonna kill me for using this photo....... bahahahahahahahahaha)

Mark Adams - Videographer


When your videographer arrives doing this..... you know you've booked the right guy ! (see pic)


Mark is excellent at his craft, he is discreet at the right times producing a wonderfully candid video........ but given half a chance he'll unleash the fun and bubbles

You'll love the experience and he'll will give you a slick video that you will love forever !!


Choosing a make up artist is the difference between 'HOT' and "Drag Queen'

Do your homework and get one that suits

I know these girls are incredible - are always on time - and you will look beautiful !